Looks can be deceiving, however at Popiah we are as transparent as our rolls, each rice paper is within the 30-40 calorie range and is gluten free. Explore our flavours from the Far East.


Chicken Popiah

Turmeric infused rice, harissa chicken, spinach, turnip, carrot, coriander and a mix of black/white sesame seed.


Egg Popiah

Beetroot infused rice noodles, free range egg, spinach, turnip, carrot and dill.


VegAN Popiah

Quinoa - tomato and garlic seasoned, spinach, turnip, carrot and mint.


For an authentic Malaysian palette experience, all Popiahs will be served with a choice of
2 homemade dipping sauces:

• Yogurt mint sauce
• Tiga rasa sauce (a combination of spicy, sweet and salty flavours)

At Popiah, we love experimenting with new ingredients! As we grow, we will be expanding our flavour offering, so watch out for that! Get in touch with us via email or our contact us page to send us your suggestions.
— Mim, founder